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Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the elisa ann muscle hot reagents distributed by Genprice. The Elisa Ann Muscle Hot reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact muscle elisa. Other Elisa products are available in stock. Specificity: Elisa Category: Ann Group: Muscle Hot

Muscle Hot information

PetakaG3 HOT Trial Kit

TraiHTD 50 Petakas, 6 stands and 100 tips
EUR 1844

Accuris Hot Start Taq

PR1000-HS-1000 1 PC
EUR 305.05

Accuris Hot Start Taq

PR1000-HS-500 1 PC
EUR 204.56

Accuris Hot Start Taq

PR1000-HS-6000 1 PC
EUR 1225.36

Accuris Hot Start Taq

PR1000-HS-S 1 PC
EUR 69.79

Ceramic Digital Hot Plate Stirrer

abx725023-1Unit 1 Unit
EUR 1198

Digital Hot Plate Stirrer Accessories

abx725044-CarryingPlate Carrying Plate
EUR 119

Digital Hot Plate Stirrer Accessories

abx725044-Quarterreactionblock10position8ml Quarter reaction block - 10 position × 8ml
EUR 119

Digital Hot Plate Stirrer Accessories

abx725044-Quarterreactionblock12position4ml Quarter reaction block- 12 position × 4ml
EUR 119

Digital Hot Plate Stirrer Accessories

abx725044-Quarterreactionblock4position30ml Quarter reaction block- 4 position × 30 ml
EUR 137

Digital Hot Plate Stirrer Accessories

abx725044-Quarterreactionblock7position16ml Quarter reaction block- 7 position × 16ml
EUR 119

Accuris Hot Start Taq Mastermix

PR1001-HS-S 1 PC
EUR 69.79

ACTaq? Hot-Start DNA Polymerase, 1000U

EUR 446

ACTaq? Hot-Start DNA Polymerase, 250U

EUR 170

ACTaq? Blue Hot-Strt DNAPolymerase,1000U

EUR 464

ACTaq? Blue Hot-Strt DNAPolymerase, 250U

EUR 175

amfiSure Hot-Start Taq DNA Polymerase

P0322-010 100 units
EUR 147
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