Zymosan Medicinal Mushrooms

Recombinant Hirudo medicinalis (Medicinal leech) Hirudin variant-1

MBS9422132-002mg 0.02mg
EUR 460

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the zymosan medicinal mushrooms reagents distributed by Genprice. The Zymosan Medicinal Mushrooms reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact InVivoGen. Other Zymosan products are available in stock. Specificity: Zymosan Category: Medicinal Group: Mushrooms

Human True insulin ELISA kit

1 plate of 96 wells
EUR 822
Description: A competitive ELISA for quantitative measurement of Human True insulin in samples from blood, plasma, serum, cell culture supernatant and other biological fluids. This is a high quality ELISA kit developped for optimal performance with samples from the particular species.

Human True insulin ELISA kit

EUR 700
Description: ELISA

Human True Insulin ELISA Kit

EUR 6725

Human True Insulin ELISA Kit

EUR 550

Human True Insulin ELISA Kit

EUR 3420

Human True Insulin ELISA Kit

EUR 765

Human True Insulin GENLISA ELISA

1 x 96 wells
EUR 286

Mushrooms information

EZCell? Phagocytosis Assay Kit (Red Zymosan)

K398-100 each
EUR 516

EZ-Red? Zymosan A Fluorescent Particles

M1204-500 each
EUR 411.6

EZCell? Phagocytosis Assay Kit (Green Zymosan)

K397-100 each
EUR 516

EZ-Green? Zymosan A Fluorescent Particles

M1203-500 each
EUR 411.6

CytoSelect 96-well Phagocytosis Assay (Zymosan)

MBS168370-5x96Assays 5x96Assays
EUR 3170

CytoSelect 96-well Phagocytosis Assay (Zymosan)

MBS168370-96Assays 96Assays
EUR 820

CytoSelect™ 96-well Phagocytosis Assay (Zymosan)

CBA-224 96 assays
EUR 620

CytoSelect™ 96-well Phagocytosis Assay (Zymosan)

CBA-224-5 5 x 96 assays
EUR 2670

CytoSelect 96-Well Phagocytosis Assay(Zymosan Substrate), Trial Size

CBA-224-T 20 assays
EUR 463.2
Description: Phagocytosis can be assayed by measuring the engulfment of a cell "substrate". However, traditional assays require tedious cell counting under a microscope. Our CytoSelect 96-Well Phagocytosis Assay, Zymosan Substrate provides a more accurate, user-friendly, high-throughput alternative to the standard phagocytosis assay. The assay may be adapted for use with 24-well or 48-well plates.

Mushroom chitosan, 50-600mpa.s

NAT-0115 500g
EUR 199.2

Tyrosinase (Polyphenol Oxidase) ex. Mushroom, 800U/mg

94870 25 K.Units
EUR 56.25
Description: Part B

Tyrosinase, from mushroom

GZ6771 25KU
EUR 289.68

Tyrosinase, from mushroom

GZ6771-100 100
EUR 316.4

Tyrosinase, from mushroom

GZ6771-100KU 100 KU
EUR 418.8

Tyrosinase, from mushroom

GZ6771-25 25
EUR 110.7

Tyrosinase, from mushroom

GZ6771-25KU 25 KU
EUR 170.4

Native Mushroom Tyrosinase

NATE-0726 100mg
EUR 324
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