Mouse Monoclonal Mrfp Antibody With Magnetic Beads

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Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the mouse monoclonal mrfp antibody with magnetic beads reagents distributed by Genprice. The Mouse Monoclonal Mrfp Antibody With Magnetic Beads reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact mouse monoclonal. Other Mouse products are available in stock. Specificity: Mouse Category: Monoclonal Group: Mrfp Antibody

Mrfp Antibody information

Protein A/G Magnetic Beads for IP

B23202 5 ml
EUR 558
Description: Protein A/G Magnetic Beads for immunoprecipitation (IP) are based on a biological nanosurface technology (S-TEC). Protein A/G coats the surface of super paramagnetic microspheres with high coating density up to 9.3 × 10^13 molecules/cm2. Compared to similar immune magnetic beads, our Protein A/G beads display much more antibody binding sites therefore using less magnetic beads per reaction and ultimately achiving greater cost-efficiency. Non-specific binding is reduced to an absolute low eliminating any detectable interference with your IP assays. The large, specific surface area of the beads greatly shortens the adsorption time and achieves complete antibody/antigen adsorption process in 10 minutes and complete total purification and precipitation in just 30 minutes. This product can be used on a wide variety of samples, such as in cell lysates, supernatants collected from cell secretion, serum, ascites, and other immune antigens.

FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Kit - Magnetic Beads

K5011450 1 kit
EUR 307.2

Micro Bead Sterlizer, with glass beads, 115V

B1201 1 each
EUR 646.3

Micro Bead Sterlizer, TALL, with glass beads

B1202 1 each
EUR 778.2

FAB & Beads(Ballotini Beads)

MED1042 PK50
EUR 91.2

Circulating DNA Kit (with Magnetic Stand)

abx098869-50rxns 50 rxns
EUR 510

Circulating DNA Kit (with Magnetic Stand)

abx298026-50rxns 50 rxns
EUR 510

Benchmark Micro Bead Sterliser with Glass Beads 230V

EUR 702.24

Benchmark Micro Bead Sterliser Tall with Glass Beads

EUR 844.74

Blood Genomic DNA Kit (with Magnetic Stand)

abx098867-50rxns 50 rxns
EUR 360

Viral DNA / RNA Kit (with Magnetic Stand)

abx098871-50rxns 50 rxns
EUR 477.6

Viral DNA/RNA Kit (with Magnetic Stand)

abx298029-50rxns 50 rxns
EUR 477.6

IKA myPlate Magnetic Stirrer with Customisable Frame

EUR 410.4

Latex Beads

abx291003-1L 1 L
EUR 2798.4

RNA Beads

  • EUR 260.40
  • EUR 477.60
  • EUR 1663.20
  • 1 ml
  • 5 ml
  • 60 ml

Bulk Beads

D1131-01 1 PC
EUR 285.76

Bulk Beads

D1131-05 1 PC
EUR 285.76
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